The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow came to life in Melbourne, Australia in the year 2000.

Two uni students decided to open a booth at Southbank art and craft market to sell paintings and reproductions of Inna Semadar (Purple Cow’s chief designer). Everyday, customers would point to one of the illustrations and say, “the purple cow, the purple cow” - referring to the old nursery rhyme by Gelett Burgess, hence the name.

These days the company is based in Israel with a focus on the development and marketing of original games.

Product conception, development and design is done completely in house by the Purple Cow team. Their range has grown to include scientific experiments, travel games, jigsaw puzzles, and lots more. 


The Purple Cow Doda Yoga - Focus/Concentrate
Product Code: PC115
Minimum Quantity: 4
The Purple Cow Doda Yoga - In Nature
Product Code: PC252
Minimum Quantity: 4
The Purple Cow Doda Yoga - Relax & Serenity
Product Code: PC269
Minimum Quantity: 4
The Purple Cow To Go - Peg Solitaire
Product Code: PC613
Minimum Quantity: 6