International Arrivals is here!

02 Oct 2014 -


NEW International Arrivals products are here!

Fruit scented gel pens, vibrantly coloured ergonomic crayons, and magic wand erasers are just some of the exciting products from this popular stationery and art supply range. We've included a few great products from the range below:

Use your body and face to create amazing art. Body Doodlers come in six colours (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Black) that come out bright and vibrant on your skin.  

These Beary-Sweet Scented pens come in a display with 18 packs. The pens are double sided, with a fine-tipped end and a chisel end.

Use for indoor art or for awesome sidewalk displays, Chalkables square sticks are easy to use and go on smooth. 

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From Dani and the team at Bobangles