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To order products, you'll need to log in first. Once you're logged in, there are three easy steps:

*Our minimum order is $250 ex GST. Freight Free for orders over $750 Ex. GST.

Your card will not be charged until we confirm product availability

1. Find the products you're after
There are three ways to find what you're after on our website:

a) Search - if you know exactly what products you're looking for, our search function will match text in the product title, description, and even the product code if you know the code you want. Pop what you're after into the search box at the top left of the site and click "Search" - what you're after should come straight up on the next page.

b) Browse by Brand - if you're looking for products by a specific supplier, you can find these by going to the "Brand Info" page on the navigation at the top of the site. This page gives you a list of all the brands we carry, and clicking on a brand will take you to information about the brand, along with all products by that Brand.

c) Browse by Category - you can also browse products by category (e.g. Cards, Bags, Magnets, Puzzles) on the lefthand side of the site. These pages will show you all products of that type, broken up by Brand.
2. Build your Order
Once you've found what you're after, click the image of the product to pop up more information about it. In here you'll see the price, code, the minimum order quantity, and an "Add to Cart" button.

Select the quantity you want, and click "Add to Cart" to add the item to your order.

Once you've added the item to your cart, the website will bring you back to the same spot on the same page - so you can keep browsing.

If you don't want the product you're looking at, click anywhere outside the popup product window to go back to the list of items.
3. Complete your Order
At any time you can click "View Cart" at the top right of the website to check what's currently in your Shopping Cart.

When you're ready to go ahead and place your order with us, click "Checkout".

From here it's a matter of stepping through the stages of the Shopping Cart, confirming delivery details, selecting a payment method, and then entering credit card information if required.
Once you've confirmed your order we'll be in touch!